Anticipate Attacks On Websites

The beautiful website of the Rhino Marketing Group does have a good impression on website visitors. However, besides beauty, as a web owner, we also have to maintain the security of our website. We never know if there is an attack on the website if we do not use a sophisticated security system. However, we can prevent it with a few things:

• Use a firewall
The first way to protect a website can be by using a firewall. Firewall applications generally provide tools to block attacks by hackers and are able to filter out spammers and bots that are harmful to websites. The firewall will read every bit of data that passes through it. In addition, the firewall is also able to block certain sites that have the potential to attack other websites. In this way, automatically the IP address will also be blocked so that we can no longer open dangerous websites that can harm your website.

• Use SSL
Next, you can also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), this feature is widely used for large and reputable corporate websites. You can use it with an encrypted protocol to transfer information between a website and a database. This will certainly make it difficult for hackers to enter websites that are protected by SSL. The advantage of using SSL in addition to making the website more secure is also able to increase the trust of users and consumers of your website.

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