People Can Do These 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Molds From Their Windshields

How to clean car windows that are affected by molds is very easy. The method that we will give is already quite effective to get rid of mold on any type of car glass parts and brands of either Toyota, Honda, Suzuki or others. The cause of car glass exposed to mold usually comes from inside the car. Generally, because many parts of the car leftovers are not immediately discarded and the interior of the car is rarely cleaned. Such a condition might cause a severe mold infestation on your windshield, and when it happens, you might need to bring your car to the best company of auto glass repair Columbia SC.

You can try the following 4 ways:

1. Provide a Special Wiper For Dry Glass

First, rub the windshield gently using a clean, dry cloth. Rub until the molds fade.

2. Prepare Soda Water

If the molds are still not gone. So use soda water, by splashing soda water into a clean cloth. The new clean cloth is used to wipe the windshield of the car affected by mold. Because the nature of the molds will fade if you use soda water.

3. Using Toothpaste

Besides being able to remove fine berets, toothpaste can also be used to remove mold on the windshield. First, place the car in a shaded area. Then clean the windshield of all-new dust after it is dried. If you have already applied toothpaste on the glass area affected by the molds. Wait for 1 minute, then the toothpaste that sticks to the windshield is cleaned using clean water.

4. Using Tobacco Water

How to clean the windshield of mold can use tobacco water. First, soak the tobacco leaves with plain water for 20 minutes. After that wash, the car thoroughly and then dried. After that, dip a clean cloth in the tobacco soaking water. Use these cloths to clean the windshield of the car affected by mold.

If you already understand the 4 ways above, now you just practice it at home, because all the materials used to clean the windshield are easy to get and the price is cheap.

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