Safety Device, NYM, And BC Cables Are Necessary When Installing Electrical Installations

A definite electrical installation and must prioritize safety. The safety itself can be in the form of a fuse or MCB. Each of these safeguards also has its own box, which is a fuse box or MCB box. Fuses and MCBs (circuit breakers) have the function of securing electricity in the event of an electrical problem in your home. The first safety fuse works more quickly disconnects electricity in the event of a problematic power surge. Additionally, if you wish to avoid such a risk, we suggest you hire the best Staten Island Electrician.

The disadvantage of a fuse is knowing how it works. The fuse will melt the pieces of metal inside it so that it can cut off electricity, causing the fuse to be used only once. When the metal in the fuse has been broken, it must be replaced with a new fuse. So this can make a little more extravagant.

In addition, you must prepare the NYM and BC cables. This cable is very important, namely NYM cable 3 × 4 mm2 and BC cable 6 mm2. NYM cable itself serves to connect the KWH meter (power source). Most people do not put their safety boxes and electricity sources far apart. This is likely due to the relatively high price of this cable. In addition to NYM cables, there are also BC cables. This cable connects the power source to the ground rod. Between the power source and the ground rod itself is also usually placed close together. The possibility is also caused by the price of cable which is also expensive.

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