You Can Do These Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Before you start cleaning the bathroom, make sure you have a long time to apply how to clean the bathroom. You may wear comfortable clothes. Additionally, you must check for any damage beforehand, so if there’s any, you may call the best plumber near your location before you start cleaning your bathroom.

Here are some tips for cleaning your bathroom:

Take out all the items in the bathroom

The first step in how to clean a bathroom is to remove all the items in it. Put dirty clothes and towels in a dirty clothes basket. Shampoo, bath soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries must be removed. This is done so that these items don’t get in your way when you apply the way to clean the bathroom.

While removing these items, try to clean them from dust to dirt that slipped. Refill the bottle of soap or shampoo when it starts to run out. Discard items that are no longer used.

Remove the cobwebs on the bathroom ceiling

usually, on the bathroom ceiling, there are cobwebs and dust. To clean it, use a ceiling cleaning broom. How to clean this bathroom you can apply from every corner of the ceiling to the middle. Make sure that no dirt is still floating.

Clean the dust on the shelf or cabinet in the bathroom

After cleaning the ceiling, clean the dust rack or cabinet. Use a microfiber cloth and give a little water as a medium to expel the dust. How to clean this bathroom must be done so that bacteria and dust do not become a den of disease. After that, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Clean the mirror from dirt

The mirror is important in the bathroom. Therefore, the mirror must always be clean so you can use it to dress up or just look in the mirror. The first step in how to clean the bathroom part of the mirror is to use a wet microfiber cloth that has been cleaned to wipe the dirt off the mirror. Next, spray a special glass or mirror soap and clean it using a wiper or other cleaning tool.

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